18 week belly pic

Today officially sucks. Technically my day off, I’ve spent most of it writing a submission for work – due on my coordinators desk tomorrow morning. How wonderful then that after a morning of writers block and a frantic couple of hours after lunch where it all came together, that my computer froze and AutoRecover resuscitated the 10am version of the document.  Firmly in denial, I’ve just eaten  half a block of chocolate and taken a belly shot.



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13 responses to “18 week belly pic

  1. Yikes – that majorly sucks. The belly shot was a good response to the computer crisis.

  2. gosh dang it!

    i hate things like that! oh, do i.

  3. Att

    those pants look insanely comfortable. Happy 18 weeks =D

  4. I hate computer issues…it makes me a crazy person.
    And I LOVE your belly….so beautiful!

  5. sorry about the computer crap lady 😦 but, on the bright side, your belly is ROCKIN’!!! I must admit it, I think you’re winning. Yours is just so cute and round. Mine looks lumpy! Ha!! Keep postin’ em; they’re so good! xoxo

  6. PS. I am REALLY trying to figure out the bloglines snapshots deal (where you can roll your cursor over a blog name and see if people have updated). If you get a minute, would you mind telling me how to sign up for it????? Thanks in advance!!!!!

  7. sorry you had a sucky day…but YAAAAAAAAY on the belly pic! love it

  8. video is still up….i don’t know what happened 😦

  9. Great pic! You look awesome!

  10. yup, another sara

    I’m sorry about your computer woes, but I love the belly shot!

  11. Hey there. Left you a note on my post after you left me YOUR second note. 🙂

  12. I do believe you need to post a new belly shot! 😉

    Hope you’re well!

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