again, gone

I’m pretty crap at this blog thing, aren’t I? I’m just such an Aries…totally inspired and excited by the newness of things and completely unmotivated once it gets old.  I’d call myself fickle, but I’m really not.

Anyway, this time the lovely frog has shaken me from my slumber. Darling Ducks has been trying to get me to post for weeks but she’s a bad example…remember, this was supposed to be her blog too – have you counted how many times she’s posted? That’s right, ZERO!

Things are swimming along here. The last few days have been pretty difficult because in one of those unexplained, undetermined pregnant moments,  I managed to put my hip out so badly that I couldn’t walk but with some good osteopathic care, I’m on the road to mobility again. Other than that though, things are great. I went to the midwife yesterday – all is good and well. Squeak is a model babe in utero. Thus far, he’s not done a single thing against the grain and I’m counting my blessings.

Last time I posted I was confused and stressed about nappies and doulas. Thanks to some very thoughtful advice, particularly from Sorenson, I think we’re on track with both now. We don’t quite have a doula confirmed but I think we’re close. I must warn the TTC’ers though – if you want your pick of doulas, do not conceive a Dec due babe.

An aside about our doula search…it has prompted some very interesting thoughts and conversations about same-sex parenting. When reaching out to anyone/everyone/whoever about our search for a doula, we’ve been met with strange looks and comments when I specify that we’re looking for someone with an understanding and sensitivity to the dynamics of same-sex parenting. “But isn’t it just the same?” became a stock standard response. But it’s not, is it? Particularly for the non-bio mum – her experience just isn’t the same as that of a father. Other people just didn’t believe that there were still homophobes out there.

So, time is marching on. The third trimester is just a sneeze away and I’ve only got 10 weeks left at work which is exciting and terrifying when I consider how much I have to do before then – including recruit and train my replacement! (I’m taking 12 months off unpaid with little intention of actually going back.) Our baby prep is coming together. Squeak has more clothes than us. He has a pram & stroller, car seat and a bouncer, cute little baby towels, plenty of blankets and wraps and a few very cute little bamboo fitted nappies and covers. I’ve got myself a sling and Ducks has put in a request for an ergo carrier. We’ve got a new bed AND a new super comfortable, breastfeeding compatible couch. All we really need is a cot (which we will sidecar to our bed) and a chest of drawers/change table. Oh and a million prefold nappies. If he were to be born tomorrow though, he’d be one very well provided for little boy. It’s starting to get very real and very exciting!

I will try harder to post more regularly. Thanks loyal readers for sticking with such a blog slacker. Below, is me today – 25 weeks, 2 days. I think my growth has slowed down for a bit?



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6 responses to “again, gone

  1. Hey there.

    Good to see you back! It is hard to keep up the blogging isn’t it? I am glad to hear that everything is going well – and your belly is beautiful.

    I’ve also found it interesting that people have no awareness of the different nature of same sex parenting (negotiating Lazyboo’s changing work patterns has been an education), and that most straight people have no awareness of lingering ever present homophobia – guess if it doesn’t effect them, they have no reason to know about it.

    I’m also enjoying see everything come together for our little boy – like yours he’s going to be well taken care of!

    Sorry to hear about your hip – take care of yourself!

  2. lovely belly, so glad things are going well for you!

    yay! for baby things…wish i could stop buying them.

  3. Such a beautiful belly!!

    Don’t worry about us out here!! Your busy being an incubator! We understand!!

    Love and hugs!

  4. I’m glad to hear everything’s going well!

  5. welcome back slacker! we missed you! i was about to write you again to ask for a new belly shot….but i didn’t want to pester you! i think the belly is just lovely, by the way, and maybe growth is slowing a LITTLE bit….but it’s definitely bigger 🙂 glad to hear that your little one is doing so well too!! it is always a good thing (and a blessing) to hear that everything is normal! i’m excited that you have so much done already, and that you’ve made some decisions! this post was wonderful and you sound perfect! xo

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