It’s been a truly challenging week and I’m really hoping that it’s just a phase and not reflective of the next 3 months. Poor Ducks must surely be over me by now.

After a relatively ok 2nd trimester I think I’m entering the dark days of the 3rd trimester a little bit early.  Whatever it is, by yesterday, I’d started to crack. There were many crying sessions, lots of pouting, some
whimpering, some groaning and a tantrum thrown in for good measure.

Reasons for the cracking:

  • I have not been able to walk properly for over a week now. Getting from my front door, to the tram stop should take less than 5 minutes. Yesterday, in great pain, it took me 15. My osteopath has done all she can and says I just have to wait it out – she’s put me back in place, now the damage has to heal.
  • The reflux! I’ve had acupuncture, massage, osteopathy. I’ve drunk milk and various teas. I’ve taken long baths. I’ve stretched and yoga’d. I’ve tried to watch my diet. Hell, I’ve even gone for the my.lanta which I swore I wouldn’t do. Nothing works. And actually, the my.lanta made it worse. And it’s bad. Really bad.
  • The insomnia. I have not slept through one single night since that glorious BFP appeared back in April.  It’s not stress or anxiety or even discomfort (except when it’s about the reflux.) It’s pregnancy hormones. And comments from people about it being good training for life with a babe are really not helpful.
  • The varicose veins and blood blisters in places you don’t even want to know about. Enough said.
  • The mood swings. Some of them are related to the frustration of the above complaints. Others are completely random.

Of course, there are still some really compelling, awesome aspects of being pregnant. I’m just not appreciating them much right now. The fact that in 14 or so weeks I’ll be holding my beautiful babe makes everything worth it, sometimes though, I wish I could hit fast forward.



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7 responses to “cracking…

  1. Much empathy coming your way from here! Pregnancy really is a hard thing to go through, and it’s not something that is generally discussed or acknowledged before you actually go through it.

    I absolutely second the motion of wishing there was a way to hit fast forward.

    Hang in there. Am thinking of you through my own pouting and tears and tantrums!

  2. Wow – I hope things calm down for you soon. Those sound like awful symptoms to deal with every day.

  3. um, i’m not sure if you have tried probiotics for the gut health, but they may help. you can get that at whole foods or similar places. i just picked myself some up today.

    in the meantime, i hope that this passes for you very very soon!

  4. awh. i am sending you hugs from the u.s.! i understand about the hormones….i had a complete emotional breakdown the other night….sobbing to the point it was ….. well, ridiculous.

    things will get better soon. promise xoxo

  5. yup, another sara

    I’m sorry about all of this– I am hoping that the 3rd trimester surprises you and is the best one yet–

  6. Jen


    Really, that’s all I can offer you.

    And I can promise you that in about 4 months, you will have forgotten how horrible it all was. and that you someday might seriously entertain the thought of doing it all again.

  7. stopping in to say hello! I hope you are well!!!!!!!!!

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