28 weeks, 3 days. We are officially in the third trimester. Full term is less than 9 weeks away, my actual due date, less than 12.  And less than 8 weeks left of work! I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. This wiggly, squirmy, BIG little boy is coming soon!

I had my glucose challenge test on Monday.  I remember thinking early on that the diabetes test was so far away and I would be so pregnant by then…and suddenly here I am. I had a small freak out before the test but it was all in vain. Looks like I’m fine, which is great.

My Mum came with me to Mondays midwife appointment. I promised her she could come to ONE appointment. She loved it. She got to hear Squeaks heartbeat and she talked the ear off the midwife – it was almost embarrassing – I felt like a teenager. She was really impressed with the birth centre. Not that I thought she wouldn’t be, but it was kind of cool to have her impressed by my choices. We never grow tired of being validated by our mothers, do we?

We finally confirmed our doula this week too. She’s lovely and completely right for us AND she does really great pregnancy massage. Ducks really likes her too. Despite the crappy elements of this pregnancy, on paper everything is pretty great and it feels like everything is coming together so nicely.

I’ll get a pic up soon but for now, let’s just say that there’s no mistaking that I’m pregnant. I’ve been offered a seat on a tram twice now, random strangers are asking when I’m due and all of my pre pregnancy tops are about an inch too short! I love my big belly!!



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3 responses to “3rd

  1. that’s wonderful, and i’m happy your mum had a great time! may the third be smooth sailing!

  2. Happy 3rd trimester lady!!! I was just telling Karli in the car, “holy crap, we can safely have the baby at home in NINE weeks!!!!!!” It’s insane but so exciting, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see the belly shot!! xo

  3. Yay for the third trimester and your big belly!! And your mom’s approval (I so get it!)!!

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