this week…

29 weeks today! It’s been a long and busy week.  Ducks has been working 16hr days for the last 10days at an event which is finally finishing today. Her Mum has been staying with us too and it’s an understatement to say that she’s been hard work. I feel like all I’ve done is cook, clean and wash for her. I’m shocked by how demanding she’s really been. Thankfully Ducks agrees that she hasn’t been the model house guest so at least I can whinge about her!!!

Despite barely having seen Ducks and missing her loads and the challenges of her mothers presence, it’s been a good week. Spring has truly sprung and my spirit has lifted with its advent. Everything seems easier when the sun is shining.  I’ve also has a little less reflux and a night or 2 where I got a 4hr block of sleep in – which truly is the first time since I’ve been pregnant.

I also made big strides in some work related stuff and feel really good that I’m almost ready to tick a BIG project off my list. 7 more work weeks left and only about 3 months worth of work, rather than 4 or 5. I may just be able to do it!

I chopped all my hair off this week too, and only 2 people noticed – Ducks and one of our friends.  It’s the strangest thing…even my sister didn’t realise – I had to point it out to her. I guess it really suits me so there was no adjustment time necessary for people! That or they really hate it and don’t know what to say! Anyway, I think it’s really cute and it’s light and easy to manage for summer, which, with a newborn, I’m definitely going to appreciate.

Other good stuff about the week…

  • I met Clark and Lazyboo of PBX makes four yesterday. They’re at 38 weeks and soon to meet their little guy. We spent the afternoon chatting about 2 of my favourite topics, pregnancy and politics. As I type, they’re having their baby fiesta…here’s to an awesome party and the peaceful, timely entrance of their beautiful babe.
  • I bought the dresser/changetable for Squeak today. I love having more storage at any time but this is so desperately needed AND It was such fun running around Ikea asking people to lift things for me. If only I could get it out of the car so I can build it!!! We’re almost there with our baby stuff now. He still needs a cot but other than that, we’d be fine if he were born tomorrow.
  • Confirming our doula…but I’ve already blogged about that.
  • Learning to map my belly and generally be able to tell where Squeak is at any given time. He’s a good boy most of the time with his head firmly pointing down and his feet, reassuringly bruising my ribs!

Here’s to the start of another good week!



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3 responses to “this week…

  1. Lovely belly shot! Sounds like things are going well and you are very prepared! We went to IKEA this weekend too and got a dresser (we were going to get the MALM, but decided on the HOLDEN). Don’t you love that store??? I am getting so excited for you guys!! Nursery pics coming soon??? 🙂

  2. Ahh, clearly I am slow today. I told you HOLDEN instead of HOPEN!!!!

  3. yup, another sara

    Great shot! It sounds like you are well prepared for this little guy!

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