Busy and bored

Busy doesn’t adequately describe what’s been going on for me lately though it does provide me with a feeble excuse for having ignored the blog world for far too long. To those of you who have checked in on me without response, thank you and sorry. It’s so lovely to know that there are people all across this big planet who genuinely think and care for me.

So yes, I’ve been very, very busy. And when I haven’t been busy, I’ve been exhausted, unmotivated and a bit bored. Last weekend I spent 3 days on the couch – bored but unable to do a single thing, including, obviously, blog. This weekend gone has been another busy one. For most of us, it’s been a 4 day weekend all culminating in a horse race. I kid you not. We have a public holiday for a horse race and because it always falls on a Tuesday (today) most of us find a way to manouver a day off on Monday.

Anyways, I may have mentioned before, but we’ve never had a fuller social diary than since I’ve been pregnant. People really want to spend time with us. We’ve almost achieved VIP status in some circles. As the first of our close friends to reproduce, I really hope the desire to hang out with us extends beyond birth and cute newborn land. I’m certainly starting to get nervous about being at home, alone, all day, every day with Squeak.

As far as this pregnant thing goes…well it goes. I don’t think I’m at the end of my tether yet, but it’s coming. I’ve had some pretty intense issues with my pubis synthesis and my pelvis more generally in the last couple of weeks. It’s nice to know that it’s loosening up and preparing for birth but does it have to be so loose and so painful?? Ouch. Still, not long to go now. Less than 6 weeks until my EDD and I really feel like I’m going to be a ‘lil bit early.

Only 5 more days of work too, which is sooo exciting. All I have left to do now is a bit more succession planning and then spend a couple of days next week with my replacement to do handover. I can’t believe it’s really and happening. So my last day is next Thurs 13th of November and we’re celebrating by going to see the beautiful Martha Wainwright. Then, we’re going down to the beach for a few days and then it’ll be home to nest. I’m so excited. We’re going to meet this little critter so soon. Eeek!

34 week belly shot…


Oh, and before I sign off, I need to acknowledge that I sit here, holding my breath, hoping and wishing that the US makes the right decision as they go to the polls in the next 24hours.  I can’t say that I place all my faith and hope in Ob.ama for the kind of change that I think is really needed, but another term of Re.publicans in office will be a disaster for the whole world…all the Tina Fey skits in the universe aren’t worth that.



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6 responses to “Busy and bored

  1. Much sympathy for the myriad of pregnancy issues – it’s not easy. And I really hope for your sake that you’re right about going early. Nobody should have to endure it any longer than absolutely necessary. But Squeak will come when he’s good and ready.. I just hope he’s more cooperative with that than McBean was.

    Good news about the end of work. It must feel like such a relief. We’d love to catch up again once you’re back from the beach and in nesting mode!

    And as for being home alone with Squeak – me and McBean will come and hang out if you’re too bored and lonely…

  2. So glad you still here and that belly is growing so well.
    sorry for the crapness that is the last bit of pregnancy. yay! for mat leave.

    good luck with the nesting…3 months pos birth i am still almost as nesty as i was pre-birth! weird and nice too.

  3. Att

    6 weeks is so close! Being a spectator to all of these pregnancies makes me wonder where time goes. It feels like a few weeks ago that you and Chronicles of Conception had a BFP!

    Horray for the ending of work! Don’t worry or be scared about being trapped alone in the house with the baby. You have a great support network. Really, the only time that happens is when you live in the desert surrounded by the Amish and wildlife. 😉

  4. Beautiful belly!! We missed you lady….sorry to hear that your uncomfortable…hopefully you get a bit of relief soon….Squeak will be here before you know it. I hope for your sake early (I’m not-so-secretly hoping that Wee One comes early too!). Keep us updated!! xo

  5. Hey, look what we Americans did! Something good for once! 😉

    Sending you happy last-tri vibes!

  6. I adore Martha Wainwright.

    And You.

    So glad you’re back to us. xooxox

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