The end is nigh

First off, congrats and thank you to the US for seeing some sense and rejoining the world community. It’ll be nice to have you back! Commiserations though to those personally affected by the passing of prop 8. As I’ve said to others, marriage ain’t my thing but to strip away such hard fought for civil rights is devastating and represents such hate and homophobia – I’m still shocked that California, of all places, holds such values in majority. That said, I’m not convinced that there wasn’t a margin of error – surely some people voted ‘yes’ thinking they were in favour of same-sex marriage??

Now we in Victoria sit with baited breath awaiting the upper house vote so that all women can access reproductive assistance and non bio mums can have complete parental recognition under the law.  Nov 11 is, allegedly, d-day. Where once I was positive it would pass, I’m not so sure anymore.

Anyway, the end is nigh. One more week of work and I am surprisingly organised and ready to do handover next week. I guess the motivation of getting the hell out of there was enough to get my butt into gear. Though, while there won’t be any manic efforts to get all my work done there may be just a small panic attack around clearing out my desk. At the moment it looks like the epi-centre of a small earthquake.

I had a great midwife appt today too. I’ve been stressing about Squeaks apparent preference for lying horizontally across my belly – but it turns out I’m wrong. His head is deep in my pelvis  – he’s just big and his limbs seem to flail around a lot.  I was also worried about the  possibility of being GBS+ because I heard a rumour that it would risk me out of the birth centre. Not only was I wrong about it risking me out, but the midwife was really reassuring about the options and alternatives to IV anti-biotics if we so choose. Of course, the test isn’t for another couple of weeks and I’m not planning on being positive but it’s nice to know we have options and choices that will be supported!

The midwife was also really sweet and encouraging when I told her I was really starting to feel over it. Instead of trying to psych me into the possibility of going to 42weeks (which is probably what I would have done, were I in her shoes), she just kept saying ‘just hold on for 2 more weeks – just get to 37 weeks..’ Of course, I want to make it to 37 weeks – I wouldn’t be allowed to birth in the BC any earlier.  In fact, I really would like to make it to 39 weeks because I want some time off between work and birth. Anyway, the point is, the midwife was lovely and knew all the right things to say, just when I really needed it. And wouldn’t it be great if the end really was nigh?!!!

(and thanks to all you lovely people who loyally read and comment despite my complete lack of commitment or continuity. even though I’m not commenting much at the moment, know that I am keenly reading and wishing everyone the best.)



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3 responses to “The end is nigh

  1. Stumbled over here from frogblog. I wanted to let you know that my midwife suggested a garlic suppository a week before my GBS test. Just a clove of garlic in the yoni per day, and she said it virtually guarantees a negative test. Beware, though – I did get a faint garlic flavor in my mouth around day 3. Completely weird and surreal.

    Congrats on your pregnancy (and on being nearly done)!

  2. It’s so funny, because I am TOTALLY counting down to 37 weeks as well (I am pretty DONE with being preggo too!) knowing full-well that our little Nessy may not come then.

    Totally not weird that your nursery is in brown and green! It just means you have FAB taste, just like us…he he!!! I agree though, our little boys MUST meet!! You have no idea how much I’d LOVE to come to Australia some time…. the flights are so expensive though…but maybe someday!! My brothers went to Cobbity (I think that’s the right spelling!), NSW….and just LOVED it!!! It looks like such a beautiful country!!!

    Okay, now I am VERY curious, since you think you know his name!!! Shoot me an email and let me know what you think it is! Also, wanted to know if you’re on F.acebook!!!

  3. Sadly, Florida’s amendment 2 passed as well to amend our state constitution. 😦

    It will be nice to rejoin the world community.

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