Not filled with confidence…

I fear our bill is on the same road as Prop 8.  This article confirms some of my fears.


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One response to “Not filled with confidence…

  1. thanks for posting that link 🙂

    on the one hand it all sounds very dismal.. on the other hand at least the government want the law to pass and are thinking of going to extremes to make that happen!

    hopefully a combo of intense lobbying from rainbow families to the swingers/possible abstainers AND the government wanting it to go through will mean a good outcome.

    i feel sick at the prospect of this bill failing.

    i just don’t get how they can deliberately make our laws the least progressive in the country.

    I have not met alll these people that insist kids need a mother AND a father…unless a whole lot of people think this and are actually lying to our faces….so who are these conservative liberals actually representing???

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