beerboobs_378494aIt’s uncanny. I logged on this morning to write a wee post about the delights of boobs and colostrum but somehow got distracted. A quick browse of my bloglines and what do I find? Two other lovelies – vee & ohchicken have already been pontificating about their own boobage. My pontification really isn’t nearly as deep nor meaningful as the other girls but is exciting to me nonetheless.

Yesterday morning, post shower, I was standing naked in the bathroom making a vague attempt to moisturise or something. Ducks was up the other end of the house in her study. Inspired by Tiff’s boob story a day earlier I thought it might be fun to see about manually pumping a bit of colostrum. How excited was I when the first drops emerged!?? I called out to Ducks in high pitched excitement and I swear, with one long stride she was in the room with me. BIG OOPS! She thought my water had broken and strangely, didn’t share in my excitement about a few drops of boobjuice.  Since then, there have been promises of no sudden moves and clear announcements about the onset of labour!

Meanwhile, I really seem to have started something (TMI alert!) and am now constantly leaking watery, yellowy goodness. I’m thrilled and am taking it as a good sign toward the first steps of a successful breastfeeding journey.

That’s it, boob story over. Will be interesting to see what traffic comes my way now!



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6 responses to “Boobage

  1. Me

    I’m over here LMAO @ this post!!!

  2. Fascinating stuff! I can’t wait for that, in a really weird way. Maybe I shouldn’t have confessed that in public!

  3. giggleblue

    haha! i have a bit of leakage now, but nothing on a super-tastic level. i bet that has to be interesting!

  4. Att

    That’s hilarious! I was just remarking on how many boob stories were popping up in the snapshots on my blogroll. I’d write about my boobage, but honestly, there’s nothing interesting going on there. Congrats on the colostrum, I know I’d be JUST as excited as you are.

  5. ha ha! this was so funny! we’re all talking about boobage!! yay for having lots of the stuff though….that is a great sign that you will have lots of milk for breastfeeding….it’s exciting isn’t it??? i felt that way too!!!

    ps. definitely be prepared for more traffic!!! ha!

  6. Boobs are amazing. I think this bodes well for you in the breastfeeding industry!

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