Have I mentioned that this nesting thing just isn’t really happening for me? I want to nest. I have lists. I have lists for Ducks. I want my house clean. I just don’t want to do it. I am, thus, very proud of myself for having just spent the better part of 3 hours cleaning the fridge, inside and out, to gleaming point. It could have just come off the showroom floor it’s so sparkly. The pantry next to it got a fairly good outside wipe down too but I’m just not brave enough to open that door! I cooked today too – a huge stockpot of chicken bolognese to freeze. I am so excited by the prospect of eating it…tomato anything has not been my friend while in pregnant reflux world…I sure hope after weeks of the stuff I feel the same way!

I’m not feeling crazy driven but I may have the motivation to do one decent job a day for the next little while. The knowledge that my Ma and her cleaner are coming tomorrow to really shake things up certainly helps too…



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2 responses to “nesting?

  1. I can’t believe your little one is almost here! I remember so clearly when you were starting your journey, and now here you are.

    I’m thinking of you every day!

  2. constantly checking back for updates!! i still think you’re going to win the race….nothing happening here!!! xo

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