It’s funny – for the first 30 odd weeks of pregnancy you spend a lot of extra time staring at the toilet paper, desperately hoping not to see blood. Somewhere around 30 weeks, you finally start to relax and trips to the toilet because quicker, easier affairs, if not a bit more frequent because of all the excess peeing that goes with being knocked up. The respite from toilet paper inspections however, is short lived because by the time you get to about 36 weeks, you start desperately hoping to see blood! Thus making trips to the toilet long, arduous and very very regular! A day off 39 weeks and I’ve not seen blood on the toilet paper once in this whole pregnancy. This atheist is praying again – please, a bloody show, please?

There are lots of pointers to the fact that this babe will be earthside soon. I have been crampy for weeks. I have been losing chunks of mucus plug for weeks. BH contrax abound. I even had a real and very painful contraction yesterday. Squeak is fully engaged – the midwife says she couldn’t move him if she wanted to. He’s in a great position. The thing is, soon could be 3 days or 3 weeks. Yesterday though, the midwife confidently assured me that I’m not likely to go anywhere near 42 weeks and in fact, she’s pretty sure he’ll be here in the next week, but this waiting game is killing me.

Too add to this impaitent Aries torture, I’m supposed to be on bedrest because my stupid blood pressure is playing funny buggers again. Again, it’s not particularly high but it is fluctuating strangely and no one is prepared to take any risks. It is simply not possible for me to be waiting for this unknown birth day and do so while confined to my bed or the couch. Daytime TV is simply not that engaging and honestly, I’m too tired to concentrate on reading anything other than fluff.

I guess I’ve just got to suck it up. My babe will be here soon and it’ll all be worthwhile 🙂



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5 responses to “signs

  1. Me

    This atheist will join in your prayer. I hope your new arrival arrives soon!

  2. oh yeah, sounds like you most definitely will win the race. i haven’t been crampy or lost any of the MP! i CANNOT wait to *meet* your little one. here’s to hoping the arrival is soon…..this waiting game (for both yours and mine) is killing me!!! i’m sending you strength, love and positive energy. here’s to a safe and *easy* delivery! xoxo

  3. crap about the BP hope it stays down and managable. bugger about bed rest.

    sending luck and slippery vibes for a lovely labour

  4. oh, i’m hoping things go quickly and easy!

  5. Cannot wait to hear the exciting news….hope that all goes well for your delivery!

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