signs – part 2

I wanted to make this a seperate post because it’s momentus and deserves to stand alone. Other local bloggers have already made a big deal of it and it’s my turn now!

As of last Thursday evening, Ducks and non-bio mothers across the state are entitled to rightful legal recognition as our childrens mother’s. The full article is available here! From all acounts, Parliament was full of dykes and their babes on Thursday and I’m terribly sad that I couldn’t have been there too. It sounds like it was something truly extraordinary.

So anyway, I count this as another sign – a reason for Squeaks imminent arrival…not only is my house clean, my hair cut, my toenails painted, my will and power of attorney complete, my cramps frequent, my moods crappy, my baby engaged, but Squeak’s Mummy is now legally and rightfully, his Mummy!

My thanks and love go out to everyone involved but particularly to the amazing women who spearheaded this long and arduous campaign (and somehow birthed and parented twins and a singleton in the process) and made legal protection (and a host of other progressive changes) for our families a reality.



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2 responses to “signs – part 2

  1. Jen

    That is SO EXCELLENT! Congrats – I am very happy for you and all of the rest of the lesbian families who have one less hoop to jump through! Yay!

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