Nothing to tell here…

We wait. And wait. And take some cute pictures. And wait some more.

Ducks took the day off today – she said she wasn’t well but secretly I think she was really hoping Squeak would arrive today. I have no doubt that he WILL NOT be making an appearance in the next 24hours. In fact, given that Saturday would be really inconvenient for us, I’m sure he’ll be here then.

39 weeks, 2 days – pics below.



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6 responses to “Nothing to tell here…

  1. So cute!
    I’m so excited for you guys and checking blog.lines every half hour… hopefully very soon!
    I’m also sending lots of calm focus vibes to help you both through it all.
    Can’t wait to meet Squeak!

  2. beautiful belly.

    ooooh so very exciting…

  3. thanks for updating us! it’s so so close now…..

    loving the kiss the belly shot, and the other one! how is it that you were blessed with no stretch marks!?? lucky lady!! the shots are gorgeous.

    thinking of you and checking back all.the.time.

    can’t wait to *meet* this little man!


  4. R

    YEAHH!! So pretty!! 🙂

  5. Good luck waiting! Those pictures are adorable.

  6. ohhh wow! I’m so excited! Beautiful shots love. You’re just gorgeous.

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