maybe movement…

Not more than an hour after my last post (the one where I said there was no news…) the proverbial shit hit the fan.  I went to get my blood pressure checked and came up with the highest reading so far.  To say I was shocked is an understatement. I’ve been doing NOTHING and feeling really good.  In the time between getting the reading and arriving at the birth centre (as per midwifes instruction) I’d convinced myself that I was going to be risked out, transferred to hospital, induced and have a c-section… clearly that’s not quite what happened because I’m here, now, to tell the tale.  Impatience and histrionics – that’s what us Aries are good at!

The short version of the story is that upon arriving at the BC, my blood pressure was ever higher. I panicked and cried. And then, miraculously, it dropped right back down to normal and the midwife smiled and so did I. No guarantees that it’s going to stay down so I’ve been given the go ahead to start on induction acupuncture and whatever else we can come up with.

So, today we’re going full steam ahead. First, Ducks is finally taking the carseat to be fitted and once that’s safely in, my doula is giving me an induction massage. Then I’m heading straight from her to get induction acupuncture. I really feel like this is going to work too – last night I gave myself some very amateurish, half assed acupressure that resulted in pretty intense cramps and a few painful contractions. Imagine what might happen with someone who knows what they’re doing!!?

There’s a lot riding on this. If my blood pressure shoots up again, I don’t think there’ll be any more chances with the birth centre, so please send me all the strong, productive labour vibes you can muster!

And the real upshot of this story – no matter what happens, whether via natural or chemical induction, we will have a baby boy in our arms in a matter of days!



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4 responses to “maybe movement…

  1. am duly sending strong productive labour vibes! thinking of you – good luck!

  2. sending luck and love. hoping you get the birth you dream of.

  3. woooo hoooo! come on squeek!!!! sending you LOTS of love today…..hoping everything goes SO SO smoothly!!! xoxo

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