Your time starts now…

No baby. Not that I expected one right away but a few contractions overnight would have been reassuring. 24 hours I’m told is the time period to allow. Thus, at 10am on Thursday morning (now), Squeak has about 6 hours to start wiggling down the birth canal or we can safely say the acupuncture didn’t work.  We could be philosophical here and summise that he’s just not ready yet but I don’t feel as though we have that luxury. If I turn up at that birth centre, not in labour, tomorrow morning then I could be in trouble. I don’t mean to pressure the little critter but this is serious!!!

I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to come out. He is fully engaged, very low down, and has been for weeks. Isn’t it a little claustrophobic deep in my pelvis?



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2 responses to “Your time starts now…

  1. giggleblue

    perhaps he’s comfy??? i’m sure he’s going to love to be swaddled!

  2. yeah, you’d think it WOULD be claustrophobic!
    i’m hoping he gets his cute little butt in gear ASAP.
    i still think you’re beating me.
    it’s the middle of the night here, and i’m wide awake with NOTHING happening – except a sore throat and a fever.
    hoping it happens very soon girl.
    we’re thinking of you over here!!

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