At the risk of alienating everyone, I’d like to remind you all of the nothing song. Did you sing it as kids? It’s almost as annoying as ‘the song that never ends.’

“Nothing nothing nothing nothing,
we sing absolutely nothing,
nothing, nothing, all day long,
listen to our nothing song.

Same song,
second verse,
could be better –
but it’s gonna be worse.

Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing…”

And so on, and so forth.

It’s 5.50am on Friday here. I’ve not slept much but it’s certainly NOT because I have contractions keeping me awake. Mostly, I think, it’s because I have that stupid song stuck in my head, reminding me constantly of the status of my supposedly impending labour.

Midwife appt this afternoon. Hopefully the nothingness about which I’m singing is all related to my blood pressure – which, of course, will be low and result in nothing!

Meanwhile, why did I listen to all those people who thought I’d go early? Waiting for labour is something like purgatory!



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3 responses to “nope

  1. Thinking of you. I remember the horrible waiting game that is the end of pregnancy. Fingers crossed over here for a happy, healthy, speedy labor!

  2. Awh! I’m sorry!! I thought maybe something was happening right now!! Don’t worry girl, it will happen before you know it. Nothing happening on my end either!! Try to get some rest if you can…..I know it’s hard!! But, remember that your little boy is coming SOOOOON!!!! You remain in my thoughts. Hope he makes a move soon! xo

  3. Jen

    yes, yes it is like purgatory. All I can wish you is patience. If you get impatient… well, all I can suggest is to take a nap :\ xo from Jen whose first arrived at 42w2d

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