Summer rain…


Well the full moon didn’t bring on the babe but perhaps that’s because it was pouring and so cloudy that he couldn’t see just how exquisite it was. Apparently, last nights full moon looked 12% bigger and was beautiful hues of gold and silver. Unfortunately, it’s been raining, without halt, for over 24hours so no one got to see it! So much for being in the middle of our worst ever drought.

I’ve always felt that it would be raining when Squeak was born. Sadly, I can’t look to the weather as a sign of imminent arrival because a quick glance of the 7day forecast tells me to expect rain every day this week.

It’s ok though. I’m doing better at this patience thing. Now that my blood pressure is all ok, I’m feeling more zen about Squeak arriving in his own sweet time…just as long as it’s before Tiff pops!


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  1. ha ha!! i originally wanted to beat you, but am handing you the win! i’m so freakin sick…. i can’t have a baby right now!!

    i thought about you when i looked at that beautiful moon last night. sorry he didn’t make his appearance during it….but i know he’s coming soon!!!! so cool that he will most likely come while it’s raining!!! i love that you’re updating us often too, because i can.not.wait to hear!!!

    thinking of you! hang in there girl.

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