We got a Christmas Tree. That’s our news.

No news today. I’m officially overdue. I’ve been bouncing on the birth ball, tilting my pelvis in all kinds of ways, vigorously vacuuming, walking, acupressuring, taking all kinds of supplements, herbs and homeopathics and more. All to no avail. This baby is just not ready yet. I’m ok with that. Really, I am…most of the time.

So, instead, I focus on the beautiful Christmas Tree that we bought yesterday. Our house smells amazing and when I do finally go into labour, the beautiful lights will offer me mucho soothing and something pretty to fixate on.  I pity the souls who keep checking in on me today. To the question “any news?” I’ve been joyfully answering “yes!!! – we have a Christmas Tree and I love it.” (Because if I’d had the baby, don’t you think I’d have let you know?)



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3 responses to “We got a Christmas Tree. That’s our news.

  1. ha! it’s so true. i keep getting that now…”have you had that baby yet??” to which i want to reply….”yes, i did…AGES ago….oh, i’m sorry, i didn’t tell you!????”


    well enjoy your xmas tree lady….sounds like you are handling the waiting game QUITE well! xo

  2. The longer he sleeps inside the better he’ll sleep outside. (Assvice probably isn’t helpful right now, but trying to give it a positive spin!)

    Angi’s allergic to real xmas trees and it makes me so sad to have a fake one. I miss that gorgeous smell.

    Much love darling. xoxo

  3. i hope you’re doing the lovin’ thang. it worked for me 🙂 and it was great last minute bonding before we became three…

    refreshing all the time!

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