This is getting boring.

The Birth Centre just called. They’re unhappy with some test results. Ducks now has to miss a dentist appointment she’s been waiting 6 months for, drive an hour home to collect me and take me in there for more tests. I so wish I could get myself there on public transport but I might have overdone it on the exercise front yesterday. My pelvis/pubic bone is unbearable today.  Oops. Anyway, I know that caution is good but this is becoming a boring pattern – every second lot of test results come up abnormal, so they give me more tests and they come up fine.

It all seems so bizarre for something so impermanent. If Squeak would just hurry up and arrive, there’d be no need for all this fuss.



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2 responses to “This is getting boring.

  1. yikes! sorry to hear about your pelvic pain! hope it eases up by tomorrow. squeak just has to come soon….have they told you if you’re dilated at all yet? fingers crossed that the test results come back normal, and that your little man decides to come……now.


  2. giggleblue

    i’m hoping the second results come back more favorable, or that squeak shows up first!

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