Generic but exciting post!

Sebastian Felix was welcomed into the world, without intervention, at 12.05am on Sunday 21st December. A summer solstice babe! And a sagitarian – which is what I was REALLY hoping for!

Just under 8 hours of labour with 3 and a bit hours of pushing. My contractions started at 2mins apart, 1minute long so it was a pretty huge shock but with the amazing support of DP and our doula, I did it.

He’s huge. 4.3kg (about 9pounds 5ounces) and 56cm long (22inches). He doesn’t even fit his newborn clothes or nappies.

We stayed at the BC until this morning and are now just settling in at home.

More later. Must sleep while babe sleeps!



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19 responses to “Generic but exciting post!

  1. congratulations! welcome sebastian!
    so glad you got your birth without intervention. well done for following your gut and not being intimidated by the system!!!


  2. oh my!!! congrats!!! i’m so very proud of you guys and happy that he made it safely!!!

    welcome to the other side, little man!

  3. You are amazing! And I love the name too – classic but beautiful and just quirky enough!
    Oh and I’m not going to bother sending those itty bitty clothes – ‘little’ Squeak is almost as big as McBean is now so they won’t fit!

  4. CONGRATS!!! Welcome to the world Sebastian!!!
    Good work Mama!

  5. R


  6. Yeah!!!!!!!

    Welcome Sebastian! The world has been waiting for you!!

    Love and hugs!!

  7. I’m so happy for you three and crying such happy happy tears. Sebastian Felix is the very best name I’ve ever heard.

    A million congratulations darling. xoxox

  8. Congratulations! Hooray!

  9. CONGRATS! GREAT name, and GREAT job!

  10. ahh! congratulations girl!!! SO proud of you!! welcome baby sebastian; we can’t wait to see you!
    lots of love to you all today! xoxoxo

  11. Congratulations! Love the name. Can’t wait to see some photos!

  12. vee

    Fantastic news! Welcome, (not so) little Sebastian Felix! What a star you are. I can’t wait to hear and see more. Congratulations to you both!

  13. Welcome to the world, little one!

  14. Joy

    Congratulations! Good work!

  15. wonderful wonderful!

    congratulations! lovely name! amazing birth! exclamation points galore!!!!

    (photos forthcoming? :))

  16. Att

    Ahhhhhh! Yay!!! Congrats you two, gosh he sounds beautiful. I can’t wait to see pictures of him!!! I’m so happy you had him the way you planned!!!

  17. LKC

    CONGRATS! I am so excited for the three of you!

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