I will write up my birth story soon but I need Ducks here with me to do it. She had to sneak off to work today – despite the fact that she’s technically on a months leave!

In the meantime I thought I’d post a quick update on just how cool our little Squeak is. There’s no denying that this is a tough job but really, we got very lucky with this little boy. He is one chilled out, content soul who has caused us very little stress or worry. Even our sleep isn’t suffering too badly.

This kid loves boob! He is feeding like a star and my supply is great. If anything, I may have a little bit too much. At 4 days old, Squeak had returned to his birth weight. Yesterday, at 8 days, he was 220grams (~8ounces) above it. That takes him to 4.48kg (~9.9 pounds). I am so thrilled and incredibly grateful that breastfeeding is working so well for us. I know the stress and anxiety that breastfeeding causes so many new mothers – I even expected it for myself but other than the horrible day when my milk came in, all is super fantastic.

We got a babe that sleeps too – even when we bathe him!! Again, I know we got lucky and I know it could all change in a flash. The first 4 nights were hell but we quickly worked him out and I’ve now had several nights of 7 or 8 hours sleep with only 2 feeds and easy resettling. They say that bigger babes are better sleepers and make it through the night earlier. I’m really hoping they’re (whoever they are) right!


For sure, life has changed immeasurably and I have certainly had moments of wondering what I was thinking but generally, I’m one blissed out Mama. Poor Ducks however has the crap end of the deal. It seems like all she does is loads of washing and loads of dishes. All this with a nasty case of shingles which came on during my labour. Our nappy wash service starts today so here’s to silence in the laundry for at least a few hours a day!!

…best run and get a job or two done before the boy wakes…

Oh…and love to Tiff who may just have her own babe earthside by now!



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4 responses to “Lucky

  1. giggleblue

    he looks quite beautiful!

    i’m happy to hear that all is going so well with the feeding and the sleeping. he sounds absolutely perfect!

  2. So beautiful….and I hope that the luck holds out. 🙂

  3. oh, what a gorgeous boy!!!!! he is a beauty, and how awesome that you are sleeping and that he is so chill. breastfeeding is tough….my milk came in yesterday and i cried most of the day! SO happy that BF is going smoothly for you! so much love and can’t wait to hear the birth story!


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