words and pictures

The boy is 2.5 weeks old now. He continues to get better and better. A week ago, I lamented to a friend that I wasn’t feeling that ‘in love’ thing for him that I was anticipating. Today, I can truly say that I’m on my way to deleriously in love. He is such a joy. I love waking up to him next to me – he often just lies there chatting away until one of us stirs and pays him some attention. Mornings are such fun.

He’s so patient with us too. Yesterday was a huge day and he just took it all in his stride. It was hot and we had to go and pick our car up from Ducks’ brother – to do so, it took the better part of 2 hours on public transport. He just dozed happily in the sling the whole time. When we got there, he just fed and napped in between being passed between grandparents and various other cooing bystanders. He never once complained. Nor did he complain when we took him out to dinner last night for my mum’s birthday. He had everyone charmed, choosing again to doze for most of the evening, either in arms or in the sling.

And with all the sleeping that went on yesterday, I was worried that we’d be sleepless last night – but no – he woke just twice for a feed and drifted straight back to sleep when he was done. In fact, it’s 7.45am and he and Ducks are still deep in the land of slumber…and I’m up because the bloody cats decided I needed to be!

There’s still so much more to write but it’s all too much to think about this early so I’m posting some pictures instead.




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5 responses to “words and pictures

  1. Sounds great and I’m so happy for you. 🙂

  2. giggleblue

    happy to hear things are settling in nicely!!

  3. I’m so glad to hear that things are going so well for you guys – we’ve been thinking of you.
    Sebastian looks so cute! And he seems about as big as McBean already… we can’t wait to introduce them.

  4. lovely pics, and it sounds like you’re all doing really well!

  5. oh my gosh. beautiful photos and it sounds like your little man is healthy, happy and growing like a weed! that breastmilk IS good shit isn’t it!?? so much love to you guys. he is absolutely gorgeous!!! xoxo

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