The boy and I have been experimenting with our new found independence and since Ducks went back to work are making the most of these mid-summer sun-shiney days. We are busy little bees and seem to have an appt or a planned activity most days. I’ve already been to 2 local new parents groups. Everyone in the group lives in the same suburb – most within a 5 minute walk and while most of them are nothing like us and all of them are straight, there’s a few gems in there who may just grow to be nice playmates for the boy and for me.

Getting out of the house is definitely key for me. I’ve never been a good one for staying still and certainly not a lover of staying at home. With a baby, this has intensified and I’m really finding that the hard work of parenting is the monotony of being stuck at home feeding, settling, waiting for sleep, changing nappies…and again and again. When I’m out, the boy is happily strapped to my chest, sleeping most of the time and the breaks for food and nappy changes are a pleasure. I’m already an expert on where all the breastfeeding friendly establishments are withing a 20km radius. I’ve also discovered some awesome (and not so awesome) parents rooms in most of the inner city shopping centres. For the locals, you may like to know that Victoria Gardens rocks in the parents room dept and for that reason, the boy is already intimate with the current range at i.kea.

I know it’s taking me forever to write up my birth story. Partly it’s because I want to give it the time and thought it deserves, part because I need Ducks to help me and part because I think I have a block around it. Don’t get me wrong, I had a pretty positive birth experience but I don’t think I’m quite done processing it. It’ll come. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, more pictures!


(There’s probably a million reasons people could find to call us bad mothers – that we allow our child to sleep on his belly is just one of them – please though, leave the comments out – we know the risks and never leave him unsupervised…)



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2 responses to “sunshiney-days

  1. lovely photos. lovely baby-he is growing so fast!. So glad you are able to get out (although I am the opposite and love it that my kids give me an excuse to stay in!)

    victoria gardens have THE BEST parents room. Piggy loves it-she refuses to be toilet trained but when we are out will ask to go wee in public toilets hoping that they are all going to look like the victoria gardens loos!

  2. giggleblue

    he looks so peaceful! your birth story will come in time. it’s important to get it processed and i hope it comes to you as you would like it.

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