hard decisions and the hard word

I took Squeak for his 4 week check up this morning. He’s still a giant baby – weighing in at 5610gms (12.3pounds) putting him above the 97th percentile. Not that we needed weighing to know that – he’s already wearing size 00 or 3month clothes!

I knew today was the day that I’d have the hard word put on me about vaccinations – the nurse had warned me prior that 4 weeks would be when we had the discussion. I braced myself. Ducks and I refused the Vit K and HepB at birth and after much research intend to delay vax for at least 12 months and then IF we decide to do any after that, it will be very selective. It’s not a decision we’ve taken lightly but for now, it’s one we’re very comfortable with.  Anyway, I was prepared for battle and in the end it was unnecessary. The nurse clearly had her position but was really respectful of the fact that we had ours AND that we had done thorough research. I’m sure it’ll come up again, but we’ve just bought ourselves 12months grace so I’m feeling quite relieved.

It’s hot here today – day 2 of a 5 day heatwave. The boy is doing surprisingly well but it’s not much fun for me – he’s hot and sticky and feeding all.the.time so constantly stuck on me. We have the worlds hottest house with crappy insulation so once it’s hot, it’s hot! And it stays hot for days.

…Fortunately for us, I have the worlds greatest mother, who, as we speak, is investigating portable air conditioners for us, having offered to buy us one as our big baby present. I cannot express just how awesome my mum has been since Squeak was born.  She’s been so super helpful but incredibly respectful of boundaries and hasn’t been a meddler or interferer at all. Honestly, she’s surprised me a lot but I’m thrilled and we’re all benefitting – me because she’s helpful, Squeak because he gets crazy love and Mum because she’s ecstatic about grandmotherhood.

The boy is awake…



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2 responses to “hard decisions and the hard word

  1. Sorry we missed you today – hopefully next week won’t be so horrendous so we can catch up.

    It’s good to hear that Squeak is thriving and that all is well. I can’t believe that he’s now nearly a kilo bigger than McBean at 12 weeks – who still wears his 0000s from time to time!

    Vaccinations are a controversial thing right now. You and I have spoken about it before and hold vastly different opinions – and have agreed to disagree on it!

    I’m not intending to be combative, but I’m really genuinely interested. I feel like I’ve done a lot of reading and research on this and nothing I’ve seen has convinced me that vax are a bad idea. Yet people that I respect and admire and are clearly intelligent and considered, like you, are making different decisions. What am I missing? Could you point me to some of the research you’ve done that contributed to your decision? I’d really like to understand better.

    I agree that the heat has been horrible, and McBean hasn’t liked it much either, but as I type, a cool breeze is wafting through the window – at last! Yay for your mum though – I’m so glad she’s being so wonderful for you all.

    • plump

      There’s too much to write here but maybe one day soon, I’ll do a vaccination wrap up…
      Our major concerns though are to do with links to autism, heavy metals, live vaccines (and subsequently, in some cases, more vaccinated folks contract xxx disease than those not vaccinated) and also a philosophical commitment to allowing babes immune system to develop before interfering with it. There’s loads of reading online – the Australian Vaccination Network website is heavy on the bias but a good start. Aviva Jill Rohms vax book is excellent, if a bit US centric. I highly recommend.

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