time for bed

It’s nearing 11.30pm and I’m sitting in the dark lounge room desperately fighting sleep. I’ve just escaped after a marathon feeding session – having had no luck trying to get the boy to sleep. Ducks is in bed with Squeak, trying to get him to sleep. It’s quiet and he’s calm but his eyes are wide open. If I go back in there, it’s be all about the boob and the whole process, which thus far has taken 1.5hours will start again.

I know we’re lucky. Once he falls asleep we’ll have an easy time of it through the night but honestly, I find this bedtime routine thing excrutiating. It’s boring and exhausting and not something I have the patience for. How am I going to do this everynight for at least the next 2 years???



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4 responses to “time for bed

  1. it gets better. as he grows into himself, it will become an interactive experience. and dare i say…fun?

    hang in there. i know exactly what you’re going through.

  2. it all gets SO MUCH EASIER. i promise. and very quickly too. at three weeks, i was ready to jump out a window. by six weeks, things were slightly calmer. by three months, it was all so much better. and now, at almost six months, i almost feel like my old self again.:)

    hang in there. bedtime will get better, and you all will just continue to have more and more fun with each other.


  3. oh, do i feel you on this post!!! i just “finished” feeding lach, who has been eating on and off for the last hour. it is exhausting and frustrating, especially when you’re sleep deprived.

    hoping it gets better soon…lots of love to you all!

  4. Don’t worry, it gets better. My little guy used to be just like that, and now bed-time is a painless 3 minutes of wiggling around and then falling asleep while nursing for about 17 seconds. (it did take until he was about 9 months though)

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