hot in the city…

For the second time in as many weeks, our plans for Squeak to meet McBean have been thwarted by extreme temperatures. This week is even more scorching than last and there’s no real sign of it letting up. I think we’re heading for some kind of January record. That air con my mum was going to buy us was nixed when we realised it would cost well over $1000 to get anything useful. Instead we’re relying on the kindness of friends and family with air con and on shopping centres and supermarkets.  Right now though, Ducks and I are sitting in the dark, with fans futily blowing a gale in our living room, waiting for the sleeping boy to rise. After that, it’s a trip to the suburbs to our newest fave parents room (and the shopping centre attached!!)

Oh…and heatwave aside, it looks like poor little Squeak is a precocious teether. His 2 bottom front teeth are sitting just under the surface and the boy is dribbling and chewing (mostly my boob) like it’s going out of fashion. This boy is quite incredible!



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3 responses to “hot in the city…

  1. giggleblue

    i can’t believe the teeth are coming already! that is truly quite incredible!!

  2. Let’s switch climates just for the day….then you can cool off and I won’t be anxious about trying to get to the hospital in the middle of this snowstorm if I go into labor. 🙂

  3. are you in melbourne or adelaide? we’re in alice springs and have been hearing about all of the tram shut downs and power outages because of the heat. its 40+ here just about everyday, its hard to imagine what’s going on there.

    I hope it gets easier and cooler for you coastal city folk.

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