Well, the great dilemma of November 2008 has officially been dealt with! Last night, following a 45(!!!) degree day (that’s 113f) we packed up a host of paraphernalia and dropped it, with the boy, at my sisters place so that we could go and see Ani DiFranco.  And honestly, though my sister and Ducks might claim otherwise, I did really well. I only had the mildest of anxiety and by the end of the show was so chilled about it all that I suggested we go for ice cream before going to collect him! And he was fine. My sister did a wonderful job of taking care of him. Apparently there was a lot of dancing to Regina Spektor and Kimya Dawson, only a little bit of grizzling, and not a single screaming incident.

And we had an awesome time too. Ani was in fine form – redeeming herself for the last gig she did here when she was clearly in a terrible mood and played for only 40 minutes. Last night, in the worlds hottest theatre, she went for at least and hour and a half and was fun and funny and made us very thankful for making the effort.

Now, I’m thinking we should have tried harder for those Leonard Cohen tickets…


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  1. congratulations mama! and for another mama’s music, pretty cool.

    and I’m really glad ani was more like herself again. i remember seeing her in Toronto 4 years ago and being really disappointed. for those of us who have been following her forever it feels like we’ve travelled her life with her and to see her so unhappy was a bit disheartening.

    ps. lucky little thing dancing to regina and kimya.

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