6 weeks

sebby-and-his-bottomThe boy is 6 weeks and 2 days today.

At 6 weeks, this is what we know about him:

  • He’s huge. Off the chart for weight and in the 95th percentile for height. His head, fortunately is in the 75th percentile. Frankly, I think if were any bigger, he’d look like some kind of alien. The stats as of yesterday – 6155 grams, 60cm long, 41cm head circumference.
  • He’s wearing 00 or 3-6mth clothes.
  • He’s strong. He’s been doing push ups tonight.
  • He smiles. We’re not always sure what at and there seem to be quite a few private jokes, but his smile, for whatever reason, makes it all worthwhile.
  • He loves the boob. Sometimes, tonight for example, he gets a bit nuts about sucking and forgets to go to sleep.
  • He likes melodic, girls with guitar type music. Perhaps he’s a lesbian? He finally fell asleep tonight to the sweet sounds of Ane Brun.
  • He can pick my voice out from anywhere. If Ducks is trying to comfort him and I walk into the room and say something, she has no hope.
  • He loves being worn.  The more time he spends in the sling or the hug-a-bub, the sweeter he is and the better he sleeps at night.
  • He’s not such a fan of his pram unless we are in a super busy/noisy area where there’s lots of stimulation to distract him.
  • He’s a good sleeper. His pattern overnight at the moment is 5 or 6hrs-feed-3hrs-feed-3hrs- wake for the day. I feel like we’ve got a pretty sweet deal.
  • He’s willful. He sleeps well overnight, but some nights (like tonight) it can take us 3 hours to get a clearly tired boy down.
  • He loves to be sung to. The more repetitive the better which is lucky because our repertoire doesn’t extend much beyond twinke twinke little star and row-row-row your boat.
  • He has an uncanny ability to get fussy or wake up the minute my dinner is ready, my coffee has arrived or my toast has popped up.
  • He likes battery operated, tinny sounding parenting aides! His vibrating, singing bouncer, given to him by his great aunt, was not very popular with his mothers until they realised it afforded them the time to eat their breakfast AND brush their teeth.
  • He has two mothers and a whole bunch of others who think he’s the cutest thing ever and who love him very much.


Loads more pics on flickr. (toolbar on the right)



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3 responses to “6 weeks

  1. He sounds (and looks!) delightful. 🙂

  2. what an angel!!

    happy 6wks little man….you are one handsome lesbian!!! 😉


  3. So cute. We can’t wait to meet him.

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