the shine

I was not the mother I want to be today. In fact, I was not a good mother at all today. Poor little Squeak is going through something (developmental? growth?) and unless extremely engaged, fussed and cried for most of the day. I was feeling particularly tired and not at all patient. What resulted was lazy parenting and me leaning way too much on Ducks who was working from home today.

My mum suggested that I may be starting to comprehend the absolute enormity and the challenge of mothering now Squeak is 6 weeks and the shine has worn off a bit. She’s right. I knew there’d be days that I feel like this, but now that I’m in this place, I really don’t like it. Motherhood really is this incredible whirlwind of joy and boredom and exhaustion and bliss. Thank the stars that through it all, the love is constant ‘cos without it, I don’t know how I could do this day in, day out.

I cannot believe that so many women do this everyday and multiple times over without credit, without accolade and without complaining. Women really are amazing.



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3 responses to “the shine

  1. Mwa

    Without complaining? Do you read any other blogs? 🙂
    We couldn’t do it without complaining to each other sometimes.
    Hang in there!

  2. it really hits you, doesn’t it? and it’s impossible to understand how it will feel until you’re in it.

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