8 weeks and bushfires…

One day I’ll write a coherent post…with themes and continuity. Not today though.

8 weeks ago, after an almost 8 hour labour, our son was 8 hours old. Today it’s hard to imagine our world without him in it. At present, he is fast asleep in bed with Ducks and you’ve never seen anything cuter.

I like 8 weeks more than I liked 6 weeks. I’m not feeling as overwhelmed. I’m finding my feet and managing to get [some] stuff done. Hell, I’ve even worked out how to have a shower, do my hair AND get dressed while the boy is awake and happy. Ducks and I are learning to communicate and thus parent a whole lot better as a team. He still treats us kindly is going to bed earlier most nights and only waking once for a feed. Plus, I’m starting to really get my mama social life together and it REALLY helps.

I took the boy into work this week and actually considered the possibility that I might like to go back after my 12 months leave. Something has shifted because in November, I never would have entertained such a thought. For all my complaining and tears about work, I now see some of the good stuff. For that hour I was in the office, it felt good to talk about work projects and sector goings on. Of course, there’s all kinds of other things to consider…like our next babe and me going back to uni and maybe I want to do midwifery, not naturopathy….but I’ll think about that another day.

Meanwhile, Squeak’s 8th week has been something of a trip which he has fared incredibly well. There has been a lot of stress and anxiety in his life but he’s cruised through…It seems that the whole world knows about the horrific bushfires we’ve been weathering here. Ducks parents and many of our friends and acquaintances have been caught up in the drama. We know people who have lost their homes, people who are missing and sadly, people who have died. After being trapped by closed roads and fires for 3 days, Duck’s folks were finally evacuated – tired, shocked and traumatised – but luckier than those for whom leaving was never an option. There have been a couple of close calls but it looks like their home is going to be ok – coming out of this mess with a fair amount of smoke damage but with all walls still standing.

I don’t believe in hell, but if I did, it would would look like Victoria did this week. Everyone has been touched by this tragedy, that we had a couple of near misses and couldn’t go to the Rainbow Families picnic makes us some of the lucky ones.


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  1. how in the world did you get him to only wake ONCE for a feeding??

    how many hours is he going during the day??
    we go about 3 hours during the day, SOMETIMES 4 during the night, sometimes 2!!


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