oh joy…

Our house was sold today. We had big hopes that an investor would buy it and we could continue to rent it. No such luck. This house has been awesome to us. The location is amazing and it’s by far the nicest house we’ve lived in. Squeak was conceived in this house. And now we’ve got 60 days in a very tight market to get out! Finding a house is hard enough…lesbians with 2 cats, a dog, a baby and a single income…I’m worried.

There better be some serious silver lining in all of this.



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6 responses to “oh joy…

  1. i hate that feeling. good luck. i’m sure that with time the next place will be “home” just as much as this one is.

  2. Att

    Good luck dear! Sending all my good mojo y’alls way! Not to mention some well deserved squeeshes for Squeak.

  3. awh, i’m sorry!! i really hope you guys find something that you are totally happy with. i’m SURE there will be a silver lining….try not to stress, as hard as that can be.


  4. crap. what rotten timing. good luck house hunting 🙂

  5. hey – i went on a blogging and reading hiatus – just now checking in – your son is beautiful! congrats!

  6. Wishing you luck and good things.

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