It’s raining today. It rained yesterday and the day before too. After weeks of high alerts, bushfires and crazy temperatures, autumnal rain has hit – almost on cue with the flipping of the calendar page. Maybe this will be the rain that breaks our awful drought. The heater is on too. It’s 13 degrees outside which is certainly not the coldest it gets here but given that less than a week ago it was 36, it’s a bit of a shock.

Ducks expressed some concern about my ability to cope with the resulting cabin fever that’s inevitable in this kind of weather. Given my NEED to leave the house everyday, I wonder the same. Today though, it feels kind cosy and familiar. A whole decade ago, I worked as a nanny for 2 years in London. It was cold and wet and dreary a lot there and somehow I survived. So today I’m feeling nostalgic and capable with my beautiful boy sleeping on my chest and 2 loads of washing already done.



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3 responses to “Showers

  1. Nothing more relaxing to me than staying indoors on a rainy day! It is honestly my favourite weather! Hope you and the little man are doing well. We need some new photos of his cuteness please. Thank you. 🙂 xo

  2. innercitygarden

    Rug up, put the rain cover over the pram and get out anyway. The clear plastic rain cover is also a handy wind cover. Even if you only walk around the block, it really is worth it. Just keep reminding yourself that it’s not Antarctica, it’s not snowing, and you need some daylight and fresh air. It’s really worth it.

    I really need to remember my own advice. I can’t believe after two years and three months I still need to be reminded to get out of the house.

  3. Thank goodness!!! Now send it our way b/c we’re coming out of dry season… VERY VERY dry season with no rain in a long time and a prediction for a very bad fire season.

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