Giant babe

Every month, the nurse says to us ‘his growth will start to plateau now’ and every month, he’s put on another kilogram! This month he grew 6cm too. This babe is now just shy of 9 kgs and is 67.5cm long. That’s over 19 pounds and 26 inches.

At 4 months old, Squeak is very 4 months old. His sleep has regressed, his teeth are driving him nuts, he’s rolling from back to tummy, he’s squealing and squawking all.the.time. He loves books (he’s currently reading Goodnight Moon on my lap, thus affording me the opportunity to blog one handed!) and Sophie the Giraffe. Bath time is a total salvation and gets us through witching hour. He’s really strong and despite my hopes that he’d be late to be mobile, our osteopath predicts an early walker! He’s a total Mama’s boy and most often can only be soothed or settled by the boob.

Today I managed to get him to sleep by bouncing on the yoga ball but the second I tried to put him down, he woke up. Cue more bouncing and a 40 minute nap in Mama’s arms. I’m not exaggerating when I say that for the last month, he has not slept anywhere but in my arms, attached to my boob or in the hug-a-bub (moby) or ergo carrier. Not once. Day and night. And for a while there, he wasn’t sleeping for more than 45mins in a row either. We were already committed co-sleepers but were we not, we would be now! Thankfully, we’re getting chunks of 2 hours at night now and he’s easy to resettle (with the boob!) Naps are very short to non-existent.

Of course, our move was incredibly poorly timed in regard to child development but we had no choice in those stakes. The good news is that we didn’t have to move into my mother’s place and found an awesome place, with a beautiful garden, a great kitchen and only 2 streets from our last place, just in time. I do think that a lot of our challenges with the boy have been to do with the move. The further out from the move we get (we moved 2 weeks ago) the more settle Squeak seems to be.

But it’s awesome. I love him and motherhood soooooo much. I had coffee with a childless (but child friendly) friend yesterday whose observation was that committed feminist mothers seemed to complain A LOT. I think she was being a  bit harsh but I’m now conscious of appreciating all the good stuff. And telling people about it.  I have plenty of other feminist mothering observations about which to blog but the joy of Goodnight Moon has worn off and I must now attend to the tears…




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2 responses to “Giant babe

  1. That boy is HUGE! Glad you are so blessed. 🙂

  2. Holy big boy Batman!!! We need more pictures girl!!!
    I’m SO glad the move went okay and you found a great place just in the nick of time!!!

    Thank goodness for the Ergo and Moby!!!!!
    Hope more sleep finds you soon lady!

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