This blog entry pains me so. You see, for the better part of two years, right through TTC and pregnancy, I was coffee free. Mostly, I was completely caffeine free. The joy of reintroducing coffee and discovering that it didn’t impact my breastfed baby was insurmountable. Strolls to one of the many awesome local cafes for my daily soy latte have become a great highlight of this stay-at-home mother.

How sad I am thus, to report that I’ve been about 70hours without caffeine (coffee AND tea) and little Squeak has had 2 very good nights sleep. Of course, very good is relative and amounts only to stretches of 2ish hours without waking – but I think we even got a 3 hour stretch in there last night.

And if it’s not my lack of caffeine intake that’s helped, then it’s the added fibre in Squeaks diet. His latest passtime is devouring every piece of paper in sight!  Please let it be that!!!


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  1. Deb

    OMG, I was you many years ago. One of my nurslings would NOT sleep and finally the lactation consultant (a REAL one, also a LLL leader, not a hospital one) mentioned that caffeine has an 80 (!)-hour half-life. Whoa. Now I pretty much survive on coffee, but haven’t nursed in eight months. I feel for you!

    BTW, I found your link on MDC, I’m not just a random person ;). Well, okay, I AM a random person, but when I say that I saw you on MDC I assume you know I’m okay. 🙂

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