Decadent date night

How exciting! My mum has had Squeak at her place for a few hours so I could get secret 1st birthday stuff done today. They’ve had such a lovely day that she’s offered to keep him a bit longer so that Ducks and I can have a dinner date. In 11 months we’ve been out at night twice. Both times, in those lovely, early days when he still slept. April 5th is the last time we went out in the evening without him. I remember it vividly because is was the day after my 30th birthday when we had to cancel my birthday dinner because Squeak was super fussy. We went to see Janeane Garofalo who is vehemently childless by choice and very funny.

The most delightful bit about all this excitement is that we already have a planned day date on Friday. 2 dates in 3 days. I may just survive until toddlerhood after all.

New blog coming, just as soon as I come up with a name for it!



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