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changing stuff

For something completely new, I’m here today to tell you about my latest conundrum. Am I crazy? Probably!!

I’ve been working in social policy / community development / community organising in some capacity for about 7 years now. After messing around at uni for a couple of years and paying far more attention to activism than academics, I thought I’d hit the jackpot when I realised I could get a degree to become a paid activist.

About 3 years ago I landed my current job which, on paper, I love! It’s my dream job. When I look at the employment section of the paper, no other job in my field ever measures up against it. I am, nonetheless, miserable at work. I have been for about 12 months now. At first, I thought my misery/boredom/disengagement was a direct result of my intense baby lust and major desire to hang out at home with a bub for a couple of years. More recently however, I’ve come to realise that (and it hurts me and my ego to say this,) I’m just not cut out for this kind of work. I’m demoralised. I work toward social justice / social change but in an era so conservative, that all attempts to make change are stymied. Some people can stay inspired and motivated in these conditions but I can’t and I’m no longer an effective worker.

Meanwhile, my interest in healthcare and holistic health science has been increasing exponentially in the last few years. At first, I thought I wanted to take my current skills and apply them in a public health setting, but now, I’m thinking of doing a naturopathy degree. I really feel called to it.

If I do this, it’ll probably take me the better part of 8 years (the degree is 4 years, full time) because I’ve gotta fit getting knocked up and parenting in somewhere and will need to do a large chunk of the degree in a part time capacity. I’ll probably have to stay in my current job until I give birth too – and maybe even return to it part time, depending on finances after 12 months maternity leave…so this is by no means a quick fix but I think it could be something really good.

I long to work for myself. I’d love to work from home. I’m desperate to set my own hours. A naturopath can do all of those things…and more!

I’m such an Aries though. I want change and newness and excitment all the time. What happens when this isn’t new anymore? How do you know when you’re making bad decisions? More than loving newness, Aries hate to be wrong. How will I reconcile this if it all goes belly-up??



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Still nothing…

Isn’t this exciting? I have something new to be a neurotic, pain in the ass about! My period is still not here! It’s 4 days late now. Is this the drugs? My period is NEVER late. Maybe I’m actually pregnant and my last 2 periods were just a freak of nature. I wander what this will mean for ovulating? Will I ovulate?

Oh what fun…

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My bloody period (eek – bad pun, unintended) is late. It is never late. I barely/rarely chart anymore because I know that I bleed and ovulate like clockwork. Stupid thyroid meds. Looks like an insemination in November is gonna cost us a packet in OPK’s!!

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Last night I dreamed that I had to seek fertility treatment in a clinic. Distressing in itself, because if this was the case, I’d have to go out of state to do it (it’s illegal for dykes and single women to reproduce here…) …But even more distressing was that on the first try, they injected the sperm through my feet!! Weird huh? Freaky even… Needless to say the foot method was unsuccessful and the second time around they put all the right things in all the right places but I woke up before the end of the 2ww!

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I’m feeling loads better, thanks mostly to having had a lovely weekend, hanging out with Ducks and spending some low-key time with friends.

I never did make it to the Doctor, rather, I let myself get sucked into cyber world and deciphered that what I was experiencing, was indeed, a thyroid dump. Of course, this could be entirely inaccurate but after a stack of research, I’ve really come to understand this thyroid madness A LOT better and I’m confident that I’m on track to getting on top of it. It certainly is interesting to note that it’s not uncommon for me to have 4 or 5 day periods where I feel generally drained and shitty, physically and emotionally – that there’s a reason for it, is somehow vindicating…that I’m on track to managing it, is very exciting.

On Saturday, there happened to be a gluten-free food expo on here so we braved the serious crowds – paid our $15 each (!!!!) and were promptly disappointed. The most exciting new gluten free product we came across was lollies (or candy, or sweets for you international folk) – soft, chewy ones – they were truly exciting for 10 minutes or so, but sooo not worth $30 worth of admission fees. We realise now that we live in the BEST serviced area of this city for healthy living and whole food shops – we’ve actually discovered all the decent gluten free alternatives in our local organic shops already! I guess, if you lived in the suburbs though, that expo would have seemed like a gift from heaven. Meanwhile, I still can’t find a decent loaf of gluten free bread!

Anyway – I’m really hoping for something interesting to blog about soon – or at least looking forward to realigning from thyroid neurosis to TTC neurosis. Fingers crossed I can do that in November!

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rainy windscreen, kristin hersh

I took this photo through the car windscreen, with my crappy camera phone, while waiting in the car for Ducks. I’m impressed with the mood it evokes. It was exactly how I felt that night. Once Ducks was in the car, we ventured across town, through the heavy heavy rain to see Krisitin Hersh (of Throwing Muses fame) perform. She was gorgeous, the sound was terrible.

On days when I feel as crappy as I do right now, I need to remind myself that there’s so much life and wonder out there and we participate in so much of it. This is but a brief moment in time and it too will pass leaving but a tiny square on the patchwork of this amazing life.

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the good and the bad

The good news is that we ate amazing food the other night and it was all gluten free…even the amazing chocolate tart I made was without a trace of wheat. I’m still very impressed with myself for that one.

The bad news is that I’m having some not-so-hot side effects from the thyroid meds. At least I hope they’re side effects and not something else. I will say, that a couple of days ago I felt great and really thought they were already having a good effect. But I haven’t slept properly for 3 nights now. I can go to sleep fine but I’m waking up and staying awake for ages, every couple of hours. I feel like I haven’t been to bed. Consequently, I have a headache permanently and yesterday I threw up a couple of times too. I’m also feeling really depressed – so depressed that I can’t even get myself to work today.

I’m really not sure what to do. I know that if I go back to the doc, she’ll pull me off the meds straight away – ‘cos she wasn’t keen to give them to me in the first place. I don’t want to stop taking them just yet though because I’m scared of what that’ll mean for TTC.

I feel like such a silly complainer. I know that many women have far more traumatic, extended, painful fertility issues than this. And I am really pleased that we discovered all this now and not in 12 months time but I still feel pissed off that my dramatic Aries self has been reduced to this pathetic, whining misery-guts.

Meanwhile, Ducks is having a horrible time at work. Yesterday, she was called in for a ‘meeting’ to discuss the fact that she was 5 minutes late. This, despite the fact that most mornings she’s 15 minutes early and stays back at least half an hour most nights. And while it may not sound like a big deal, it is in the scheme of all the other things her bosses pull on her – like expecting her to eat her lunch in the office so that she can answer the phone while everyone else goes out. She’s not the f**king receptionist – and even if she were, she should be allowed to leave at lunchtime.

But then, I work in a pretty amazing place as far as worker conditions go. Maybe my expectations are warped from being treated too well??? Regardless, I hate the way they treat her and I hate that she is so unhappy there and I really hate how powerless I feel over it all.

And I hate that this is a miserable and rambly, boring blog entry too.

Off to google side effects of thyroid meds…


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